Movember has arrived!

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In an era where every single topic seems to divide along political lines, I am so happy and proud to be able to support Movember – no politics, just good vibes. So far as I know, it is the single best organization bringing attention to prostate cancer and supporting research worldwide, much like Koman has done for breast cancer. I hope you will agree, sign up to grow a mustache and challenge your friends to donate!

If you don’t want to do that, I invite you to donate to my goal, and THANK YOU for your consideration.

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5 responses to “Movember has arrived!

  1. Dennis Doyle

    Happily, I donated in your name. Understand this. For guys in their 70’s your wisdom is fully imparted. I am a Gleason 9. Based on your comment about your patient/ surgeon who had primary treatment and never tracked his post treatment PSA for 9 years until metastatic l went on the same program. I only follow Alkaline phosphate yearly . I love and enjoy life . I will not do anything until symptomatic. PCA treatments for 70 Plus men are inapposite.

  2. Many thanks for your donation, Dennis. I had to look up “inapposite” 😊
    Anyway, your approach is not for everyone, and we need to recognize that surgeons often march to “different drummers”, but keep on enjoying life and I support your decision. I continue to believe that the immunologists will come up with the “miracles” like they have for melanoma, lung, kidney, bladder, etc.

  3. Mike Salter

    I made a $250 donation about 2 hours ago to your team… did it go thru?!?

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    • Hi Mike,
      Yes, it shows up under the team contributions. I think the notification for donations to “me” come to my mailbox as well, but don’t show up where I can respond and thank folks. So, in any event THANK YOU THANK YOU!. Hope you have a great November.
      Mike G

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