Buddy, can you spare a …

Sorry for the intrusion, and I promise to write another blog after December 1 (my commitment for one/month). I’m thinking about discussing the HOX gene system which is fascinating – stay tuned. But for today, I’m shamelessly begging for 9 folks to contribute $25 to help me reach my Movember goal. If you can “spare the change”, please head on over to my website <https://mobro.co/michaelglode?mc=1&gt; and join in.

Many thanks to all of you who contributed this year and even encouraged your friends and family. Know that it makes a difference and we are on our way to beating prostate cancer!


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2 responses to “Buddy, can you spare a …

  1. Norm - Patty Drake

    I didn’t see my $100 donation on your list of donors?
    Norm Drake

    • Hi Norm and Patty – I looked through the donor list from the view Movember gives me and you are right there. I have tried to send a personal thank you to everyone, but may have missed you. Anyway, THANKS!! Here is the cut/paste from my view of the donor list:

      7 Week(s) Ago
      Donation received
      from Norman Drake

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