Happy Thanksgiving/Movember

It is half way through Movember, and my moustache is scratchy. I hope you are growing your own, but if not, feel free to support mine here: http://mobro.co/michaelglode

I apologize for not having posted more commentary in the last few months. I am taking a bit of a hiatus to celebrate retirement, but I have a list of topics queued up for blogging that I can share with you. Here are a few, hypertexted so you can think about them:

Ethics of expensive treatments, Earlier salvage radiation therapy, Randomized trial of monitoring, surgery, or radiation, and the patient side effects of each, and what to do about metformin.

Feel free to suggest your own topics that I can research for you and add my thoughts, or vote for one of the above. I hope you and your family have a very peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving!


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5 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving/Movember

  1. Nancy

    Mike, you might address the new Death with Dignity law that just passed in Colorado, as a former oncologist who treated cancer patients.

  2. Don Price

    I vote for 1) metformin and 2) the efficacy of early use of taxotere + ADT for high risk (say stage 3 w/ gleason 4+3 or >) PCa that is not metastatic or hormone resistant

  3. Audrey Campbell

    Thank you again for talking with my friend, Tom. It has been much appreciated by him and his family—–

  4. Steve Rorabaugh

    What about an exploration of the current state of immunotherapy treatments, vaccines, T-cells, etc.?

  5. Millerjcl

    DEar Mike

    glad you are enjoying retirement A big hug john

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