Happy Movember!

At this time of year, it seems like the mail brings an appeal from some charity or another almost daily. Readers of this blog surely know the challenges of having prostate cancer reach the visibility of breast cancer in terms of its effects on men and their families. My mother died of breast cancer, and my father died of leukemia – both terrible diseases that deserve support along with the many many other cancer activist organizations. But with the amazing progress made in prostate cancer, I think it is time to “give back” to the researchers and organizations who are doing so much to advance the cause. Movember is an offbeat, Internet movement to raise money for testis and prostate cancer research and awareness.

Money raised and the men who used their upper lips for “the cause”

The power of the Internet and a goofy idea is illustrated in this graphic that shows how in less than a decade, millions of men have signed up and raised money. This is fabulous, and you should know that the Livestrong Foundation and Prostate Cancer Foundation have done great work in helping cancer patients as well as moving us closer to a cure or at the very least prolonging lives. So it is not too late for you to join us in raising money!

When you watch your favorite football team wearing pink headbands, pink shoelaces, and see the pink ribbons all over the grocery store, this is a reminder that every cause deserves some help. I decided it was time to step up and support Movember this year with my own scraggly moustache. No matter the country or city, Movember will continue to work to change established habits and attitudes men have about their health, to educate men about the health risks they face, and to act on that knowledge, thereby increasing the chances of early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment. In 2011, over 854,000 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas around the world got on board, raising $126.3 million USD.

It may be too late to start your own “stache” this year, but not too late to support mine. Please consider giving a small gift in honor of my moustache by clicking here and may you and yours have a very happy Thanksgiving and holiday season. Be sure you enter “glode” in the search box so I can send you a personal thank you.

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